Friday, February 24, 2006

10+1 Things I Like about Life @ Regent College

{Artist Impression of the Future Regent College}

In alphabetical order

1) BOOKSALES like Midnight Madness, RCSA students book sales, BookBag specials

2) BOOKSTORE is indeed a treasure-house; Though a little expensive, it compensates by the depth and breadth of books offered. The best Christian book room in Vancouver!

3) COFFEE, Cinnamon buns and Hot Chocolate at the WELL is superb.

4) FACULTY, highly qualified and whose dedication is not only academic but pastoral in caring for students despite their busy schedule (who says Regent is only Packer, Peterson and Waltke?)

5) LIBRARY a top class research center, with extremely helpful library staff

6) LOCATION in UBC and Vancouver, within beauty scenery and closeness to many places of attraction and amenities

7) MEETING people from all over the world, especially during Summer School

8) SMALLNESS of the building forces one to share and build community

9) SUMMER school courses having top class faculty and interesting subjects

10) THEOLOGICAL training that truly stretches the individual in both breadth and depth

11) WIRELESS access that is free of charge

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Mattithyahu said...

Well said brother!

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