Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Regent's Prayer for the World

It was a Regent first and I was glad to have participated in it. I did not go for the introduction, as I needed to make sure my little ones go to bed. The event started at 9PM with worship and confession of sins. Praying for Regent, Vancouver, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, Middle East and other parts of the world, it is appropriate to start by acknowledging we were all unworthy people and need God's continued forgiveness.

It began on the Saturday 4th Feb 2006 at 9AM but the fun began after midnight. I arrived at 1AM at Regent to participate in the Pray for Malaysia segment at 1.30AM. Doors are only opened at the top of every hour (ie 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM and 5AM). There were about a hundred people in the building, with numbers going in and out each hour. Different countries were prayed for at different rooms. Coffee is free flow to help us all stay awake.

I went into the room for Zimbabwe. It was a solemn sight, as about 8 of us walked round the room and prayed silently for the prayer items and pictures displayed. At the end of 30 mins, all in the room came together for corporate prayer. At 1.30AM, I went into the Malaysia room. The room was full. About 20 of us squeezed in a tiny room and prayed furiously over Malaysia, the Church and the ethnic situation there.

At 2AM, I was at the chapel, preparing for worship and communion. The Professor of Marketplace Theology was clearly trying to stay awake. I thank God for his earnestness and confession that he was tired. Yet he prodded along purposefully, fully intent to rally everyone to press on. Well done Paul!

At 2.30AM, we went to respective rooms to pray again. I decided to go to the Switzerland room. One of my community group members were there and I thought it would be nice to be there to support. It was a great decision. We had authentic Swiss chocolates to help stay awake while we pray!!!

I planned actually to be there only an hour but the whole environment was so overwhelming (nothing to do with chocolates) that I stay 2.5 hours! Until I remember that I have to serve communion in Church the next day, I decided to go back for an early rest. The Singapore segment is at 3.30AM which some of the other Singaporean students are staying for. Thankfully, different students took turns to come and go for the prayer vigil. It was a comforting sight where different students from different countries showing interest and concern for other countries and cultures.

Well done Regent College. I count myself fortunate to have had the chance to pray together with like-minded brothers and sisters. World vision. We need to grow a heart so big that our love for God and the people in the world will overwhelm all our self-centeredness in life. I am looking forward to the next. Prayer is indeed a priviledge. The biggest mystery is when we prayed, somehow we feel strangely closer together and more united than ever.


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