Saturday, April 22, 2006

SEA + Friends Gathering - 22 Apr 2006

We had a wonderful gathering this Saturday with a couple of South East Asians + friends. Represented were people from Philippines, India, Japan, Switzerland, UK, Canada, and of course Singapore and Malaysia. We wanted the occasion to be able to say goodbye to KC/Sophia and Alvin/Fern but they did not turn up. So we did what was the next best thing. We eat. We talk. We laughed. We prayed.

Hwee Yang prepared two braised ducks complete with sambal and duck sauce. Sid made casserole. Michael brought ice-cream and Elaine brought roast pork. Hai Yang and Hwee Choo brought their famous Sayur Lodeh + banana cake. Priscilla came with her sister Pat who was visiting from Adelaide. They cooked fried bee-hoon, complete with the famous Vietnamese chilli sauce. There were also spring rolls, fruits and other delicacies. Izumi, Yuki, Sara and Cornelia add to our joy with their presence. Even Professor Donald Lewis came down from his office amidst his busy work to eat with us, albeit the leftovers.

Food Galore as usual. 

What made this gathering an amazing surprise was despite us not knowing what the rest are bringing, we brought our food by faith and there was no duplication of food.

Not many people at 12PM. Rubber time lah. Most arrived by 12.30PM 

Group Photo. Smile! 

Cheers to a end of Winter term 2006 and we look forward to an exciting summer school.

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Wah...what a spread. Sometimes, we are so busy in our lives that we don't stop and smell the roses.

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