Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jolt Quote XX (Ken Blanchard and friends)

I found an interesting definition of humility today, from Ken Blanchard's Heart of a Leader.
People with humility don't think less of themselves;
they just think of themselves less. (60)
Here are 30 of my favourites from the book.

  1. "Don't wait until people do things exactly right before you praise them." (6)
  2. "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." (16, attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt)
  3. "Never punish a learner." (28)
  4. "In managing people, it is easier to loosen up than tighten up." (42)
  5. "If you want people to be responsible, be responsive to their needs." (56)
  6. "Anything worth doing does not have to be done perfectly --- at first" (44)
  7. "Without a change in your behavior, just saying 'I'm sorry' is not enough." (74)
  8. "Take what you do seriously but yourself lightly." (78)
  9. "Real communication happens when people feel safe." (88)
  10. "Vision is knowing who you are, where you're going, and what will guide your journey." (92)
  11. "Vision is a lot more than putting a plaque on the wall. A real vision is lived, not framed" (94)
  12. "All good performance starts with clear goals." (96)
  13. "People without information cannot act responsibly. People with information are compelled to act responsibly." (108)
  14. "A river without banks is a large puddle" (114)
  15. "Leadership is not just what happens when you're there; it's what happens when you're not there." (116)
  16. "People in organizations need to develop a fascination for what doesn't work." (130)
  17. "Choose work you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." (132, attributed to Confucius)
  18. "Consistency isn't behaving the same way all the time." (138)
  19. "The only job security you have today is your commitment to continuous personal improvement." (142)
  20. "There's no pillow as soft as a good conscience." (148, attributed to John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach)
  21. "It's surprising how much you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit." (150, attributed to Abraham Lincoln)
  22. "Early in life, people give up health to gain wealth... In later life, people give up some of their wealth to regain health!" (154)
  23. "Servant leadership is more about character than style." (156)
  24. "Am I a servant leader or a self-serving leader?" (158)
  25. "Take responsibility for making relationships work." (164)
  26. "G.O.L.F. stands for Game of Life First" (168)
  27. "Leadership is not something you do to people. It's something you do with people." (170)
  28. "As a leader, the most important earthly relationship you can cultivate is your relationship with yourself." (184)
  29. "Purpose is never about achievement; it is much bigger." (186)
  30. "Purpose has to do with one's calling - deciding what business you are in as a person." (188)
[Ken Blanchard, The Heart of a Leader, Escondido: David C Cook, 2nd ed, 2007]

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