Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day! (143rd Birthday)

July 1st is Canada Day! All across the country, citizens and residents alike all give thanks for the great country. This year is especially meaningful because the Queen of England, is here to celebrate Canada Day with all Canadians.

As the sounds of "O Canada!" fills the airwaves, it reminds me of the other great Canadian moments when Canada beat the USA in overtime during this years Winter Olympics in Canada. It is a wonderful Canadian moment that is inked indelibly in the minds of many Canadians all over the world.

For consumers in the provinces of BC and Ontario, it will be more expensive as taxes go up to 12/13% on certain goods and services. Well, you can't win everything. For whatever flaws the country's political and social economics, and the controversial policies implemented by leaders, of whatever complaints people may have on Canadian society, I feel that at the end of the day, we have more to be thankful about. Thank you Canada, and have a great 143rd Birthday!

[Photo Credit: Christian Century]

Check out this tribute by Christian Century entitled: "The Canadian Century." Having lived in Canada for the past 6 years, I have observed that if there is one trait Canadians are proud of, it is being nice. At the root of this increasingly secular Canadian society, there lies a reason for such an attitude. It is thankfulness for being given the privilege to live in a land of plenty. Canada has the world's largest coastline, lots of ice and cold, the largest producer of hockey players and of course the world's largest reservoir of freshwater. Soon, it will be the land that has one of the largest immigrant communities ever in any country.

Happy Canada Day!


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