Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Moving Song: "Unreserved Love"

A group of us from Church are planning to sing this song during the Christmastide. It is a beautiful song called "Unreserved Love," a theme song that accompanies the moving film, "Miracle Box." It is a story of love that is unreservedly given away, a movie that describes self-sacrifice for the sake of others. Two doctors met and fell in love, one of them a cancer survivor. Against all odds, they got married, both completely aware that the cancer can always return. Before long, it did return. The husband died, but not without asking his wife to carry on living strong. For him. True enough, Hong Kong was gripped with the SARS crisis. Hundreds died. The female doctor, (Joanna Tse), took on the task with a single focus to find a cure. It was an inspirational but fatal decision that ultimately cost her life. The movie became one of the most inspiring movies ever to be made. The theme song essentially tells the whole story of unreserved love.

The original is in Cantonese, but has been since translated into Mandarin and English. I provide the clips and the links below.

1) "Unreserved Love" (Cantonese version - Samantha Lim Chi Mei)

2) Mandarin Version

3) English Version


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