Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midweek Meditation: Living as Children of Light

What does it mean to live as children of light? This is what the first century disciple, Barnabas had to say.

"Consider now the way of light. All who are intent on reaching their appointed goal must be very careful in everything they do. Now these are the directions that have been given to us for this journey: love your Creator; reverence your Maker; give glory to Him who redeemed you when you were dead; be committed to this one thing, but have many spiritual treasures; avoid those who travel down death's highways; hate whatever is displeasing to God; detest all hypocritical pretense; do not abandon God's commandments. Do not act falsely, but be modest in whatever you do; claim no credit for yourself. Plot no evil against your neighbor, and do not give pride an entrance into your heart." (Barnabas, in "Awakening Faith," Zondervan, 2013, p58)

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