Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Three Marriage Books to Recommend

Recently, I have read some really good books on marriage. This post brings together three of them which I believe can be helpful resources for married couples as well as those seeking marriage, or wanting to learn more about biblical perspectives from marriage.

Publisher: Dutton Books, 2011.
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This book is packed with biblical wisdom and practical helps on one of the most important issues of our age: Marriage. The author draws upon three deep roots to write the book; his own marriage, his concern for the large unmarried part of his congregation, and from the Bible. The central thesis of the book is that we need to understand the meaning of marriage that is both realistic and glorious. He makes it clear that marriage is not same-sex, not polygamous, and certainly not romanticism, or defined through cultural lens. Instead, marriage is love unlimited.

This book is solidly biblical and highly practical.

Publisher: Moody Press, 2012.
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This book is a delight to read. Using the metaphor of a house renovation, the author is meticulous about helping readers renovate their marriages from the foundation up, and the inside-out. Beginning with firm and correct foundations, Parker reminds us that marriage is not a "happily ever after" kind of a fairy tale ending. It is much more difficult to stay in marriage. One way to help one stay faithful in love is to renovate our marriage room by room.

Each room forms an aspect of marriage that can be renovated and renewed. Creatively, the author hones into the marriage experience, its ups and downs, and provides very encouraging tips on how marriage can become a joyous and rewarding experience. But first the hard work has to be done.

I like this book particularly because of the powerful image of a house of rooms.

3) REAL MARRIAGE (Mark & Grace Driscoll)
Publisher: Thomas-Nelson, 2012.
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Like Tim and Kathy Keller, the Driscolls are pastors too. What makes this book particularly intriguing is the explicit ways in which they tackle sexual techniques and tools.

The core conviction is to use this book as a way for married couples to become 'best friends and lovers' like how God has intended. In order to present this 'Real Marriage' picture, the Driscolls lead by example by sharing openly and honestly about themselves. They admit their sleeping around with others prior to marriage. They confess their lack of openness to each other in their early years of marriage. They share their continuing struggles candidly. At the same time, both affirm that their marriage has been transformed under the love and grace of God.


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